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Free Postage On Orders Over $175

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SHOP   •  New Arrivals   •  Australiana  •  Florals  •  General Novelty  •  Children  •  Animals  •  Mens Prints  •  Solids  •  Spots & Blenders  •  Backing  •  Pre-Cuts  •  Panels  •  Metallic  •  On Sale  •  Threads, Patterns & More  •  Pre-Order  •  Coming Soon  •

Indigenous Australia – Gathering By The River Black

$20.00 / per metre


This fabric is an Authentic Aboriginal Design. 112cm wide.

Dreamtime :
Aboriginal people are regarded as the land owners of Australia.  Their respect towards land is considered to be more than a place.  They respect every mountain, river, waterhole, tree, animal etc. and they consider them as a part of their living.  Aboriginal ancestors are believed to be the creators of all the land and objects that are essential in day-to-day life.
Traditional Aboriginal laws of food hunting involves bush food, sea food, wild life hunting, etc.  However, they never do anything to hoard or spoil the nature of their environment.  They honour their ancestral lands and the teachings from those ancestors.  In many occasions, Aboriginal people gather near the river for various ceremonial rituals, where they perform dances rock-art, story-telling etc.
Barbara Egan comes from Robinvale region of Victoria.  She grew up on the Murray River in Robinvale  With her connection towards her land of Robinvale and the Murray River, she would never move out from there.  He dreaming’s mainly involve River Dreaming, Emu Bush, etc.


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