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Free Postage On Orders Over $150

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SHOP   •  New Arrivals   •  Australiana  •  Florals  •  General Novelty  •  Children  •  Animals  •  Mens Prints  •  Solids  •  Spots & Blenders  •  Backing  •  Pre-Cuts  •  Metallic  •  On Sale  •  Threads, Patterns & More  •  Pre-Order  •  Coming Soon  •

Indigenous Australia – Spirit Place Burgundy

$21.00 / per metre


This fabric is an Authentic Aboriginal Design. 112cm wide.

Dreamtime :
Bernadine Wallace is a well-known Aboriginal designer.  She worked in Karingka Art Gallery for a period.  She is the daughter of Kathy Wallace.  Kathy is an excellent artist.  Bernadine learnt artwork and dreaming from her mother and grandmother.
Bernadine depicted the corroboree ground.  In all the tribal gatherings, many people gather around to celebrate corroboree.  Her artworks beautifully depict men, women and children attending the corroboree.  They often discuss religion, friendships and other social matters.  All the attendees are destined to maintain pious dignity of corroboree.  Nobody is allowed to break the social law.
There are plenty of bush foods for everybody.  Lot of social and communal discussions take place in corroboree.  The circles in dots depict that people are deeply involved in discussion setting around the waterholes.  The over-shape semicircles are indicating pathways to travel.  Small circles in middle depict fruit trees.

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